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Recording Session

I didn't get a chance to show off my Virtualizer to the rest of J6 on Sunday - we just had too much to do in the way of sorting out poems for our CD recording session, and making a start on devising a new set for the autumn.

We'd booked two evening sessions for making the recordings with Zoo Audio, an excellent small studio run by Andy Cross. I won't describe the studio in detail, as you can read about it on the site. The online article from Sound On Sound magazine is particularly informative.

The sessions went much more smoothly than any of us had expected; many of the poems were successfully recorded in just one or two takes. And the combination of Andy's editing skills and SAWStudio ensured that fluffed lines could be corrected without re-doing the whole poem.

Our multi-voice poems were a little more complicated to do, but even those didn't give a lot of trouble. I'd vaguely expected that we'd have a microphone each, but Andy used either a single stereo mic, or a pair. Reading poems in the soundproof booth was a slightly odd experience, and a hot one, especially when all five of us were in there together.

Now we just have to wait for Andy to give us the demo CD, and decide what order to put the poems on for the final version. And design a cover and playlist. And get the CDs made.

I mentioned Cool Edit the other day, but Cool Edit is no more, alas. It's been taken over by Adobe and turned into Adobe Audition. The 'alas' part is because Adobe only do the expensive ($299) 'pro' version and have dropped the cheap Cool Edit 2000 version, which contained everything most people wanted.


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