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Another attempt at a sound poem

I wrote another sound poem today. The idea of is that it should be read via the FX unit set to produce a delay of one second. The words should be read at a rate of two per second, so that the the delayed word is heard at the same time as the live word two words later. For example, the live word 'hook' occurs at the same time as the delayed word 'lock'.

light show ground sheet lightning bolt blue sky hook crook lock pick pocket watch glass ware out side bar stool pigeon toed away match sticky back bone meal ticket machine head gear lever arch bishop gate fold up beat eggs act shun t ap ple over t off er g et er ik on ik kle ap ear ie t t

The other effect I'd intended to use was to increase the feedback of the FX unit so that as the text became more and more broken up, there were more repetitions of the sound. I tried this out this evening, but it was hard to read the words, concentrate on getting the rate right and fiddle with the feedback all at the same time. It seemed to be more effective to repeat sections of the poem, rather than reading it straight through, though I have a sneaking feeling that for 'more effective' one should read 'easier'.


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