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Theatrical Piece

I came to the conclusion that the one-second delay effect with no feedback didn't really add much. It just sounded like two people reading in canon. And if that's the effect you want, it's probably better to get two people to read in canon. Something that sounded a bit more promising, perhaps, happened when I used a much longer delay (5 seconds) and lots of feedback (98%). And there was lots of acoustic feedback, too. The electronic feedback didn't cause changes in timbre of the echo, but the acoustic feedback did. So I got a gradually changing background sound. It seemed to set up a rather mysterious, sinister mood, so I'm writing a rather theatrical text to go with it. I'll have to try to persuade Joy of Six to try it out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a rather mysterious, sinister moodsounds like vintage Howard. Look forward to hearing this.


10 August 2004 at 21:56  

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